Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To New Beginnings!!!

What's up!!! To who ever may be reading or not reading this. The names Jessica, but you can call me Jess(I prefer Jessica tho). I'm 22, I live and attend college here in Houston,  TX. I'm currently studying nursing,  but would rather be studying fashion and photography.  Hobbies: shopping, dance, shopping, and ummm...  Oh yeah dance. :-) oh and on my free time I like to work as a Go-go dancer, idk why but I love go go dancing.  I just feel so free when I'm up there on the bar just shaking my stuff. Lol

I decided to create this blog because I want to share my extremely boring life with the world in hopes that y'all can help me make it better!!! Just kidding!! But really I enjoy reading blogs about fashion, food, beauty,  health, etc. So why not make my own, right? I do have a tumblr but everyone on there blogs the same thing as everyone else. Its not very personal, nor is there much originality. I'm not gonna lie, I do get inspired by some post I see on there.

I was gonna post my first real post after this one, but..... there's no Internet in my house and I'm currently writing this on my phone. -___- Yep, the struggle is real!

That's it for now, hope you guys enjoy my blog!!!

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