Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is this enough white?

I literally have no time for anything. I know I say this every time I post but I really don't. I'm only taking 3 classes this semester, but it feels like a million! This semester is seriously kicking my ass! But I'm staying optimistic and pushing threw. Nothing but good vibes over here!
I attended my friends baby shower 2 weeks ago for baby number 2. I'm really excited to meet this little bundle of joy she's about to bring into the world. If you could see her son and how handsome he is you'll know right off the bat that her little girl is going to be gorgeous.  
Her babyshower was suppose to be an all white affair, but knowing me and my dark soul I don't do white!! Lol jk jk. I don't have a dark soul, just a lot of dark clothes! I don't know why but I always tend to gravitate towards darker colors. Its weird, I can find a top that comes in white, black, red, or yellow and all the colors become irelavemt once I see that top in black. Ive been good though, slowly but surly adding more colors to my wardrobe. 
I'll get there eventually!

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Top Buffalo Exchange | BDG Jeans Urban Outfitter similar | Studded Heels Thrifted | short necklace Buffalo Exchange

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Simply Grey

Sooo its been a while, yeah I know! 
But its not my fault, I promise! Schools been a little hectic these past 2 weeks. Im trying my best to balance everything out evenly. I had to pick up a couple extra shifts at my job because my student aid didn't cover everything. Boooo!!! The struggles been real, real!!! 
On the plus side I finally got to wear my grey maxi from Asos. The material on this dress is just perfect, it sits perfect, it moves perfect, and it feels perfect. I could honestly wear it everyday but that would be a little gross. Lol

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Maxi Dress, Asos  | Shoes, Forver 21 | Obey Leather Jacket, Urban Outfitters similar here

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fitness | H Y D R A T I O N

2.2 liter bottle from whole foods

Staying hydrated can be one of the most challenging things to do while on your fitness journey. I know this because I too struggle with it. I can honestly go a whole day without drinking water, seriously give me 2 or 3 cups of apple juice and I'm  straight! But not getting enough water can set you back from achieving virtually any of your fitness goals. Why you ask? 
Well here's 10 facts on why water is so important:

1) For one your body's about 60% water, so without it you pretty much can't function!
2)Water regulates body temperature. 
3)Water carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. Which is important because of the muscle breakdown after a vigorous workout. 
4) Water protects body organs and tissues
5) Helps prevent constipation, (something  no one wants)
6) Keeps the skin clear by pushing out toxins from the body.
7) promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism
8) Relives headaches by hydrating the body.
9) Water can boost your energy when you're feeling sluggish. 
10) Water lubricates joints. 

Its recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. But if you're a person who's busy and on the go, you won't have time to carry around 8 glasses of water with you. Nor will you have time to keep count and measurement of exactly what you have or haven't drank for the day. A great solution to this is to invest in a good reusable water bottle. Start with something small like 16-24 ounces. If you find yourself refilling the bottle multiple times a day then you're right on track! This means you're slowly boosting your metabolism and increasing your water intake. Now you can invest in a larger bottle, I got my 2.2 liter (74.39 oz) bottle from whole foods for $7.99. I love that it has a screw on top instead of a sports top, so I can fill it with yummy fruit when I want to do a detox or add little flavor to my water. 
No mater where you are in your fitness journey; beginner, intermediate, advanced, haven't yet started because you're not quite sure where to begin, just make sure you're staying hydrated!
What are some of your favorite ways to stay hydrated?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Black & White Again


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Thrifted top | Urban Outfitters BDG Jeans | Thrifted Belt | Forever 21Cardigan similar | Thrifted Purse | Urban Outfitters Sunnies similar  | Thrifted Heels  

Just a quick OOTD from Sunday when it wasn't raining, freezing, and ugly outside.
Happy Friday y'all, everyone enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Peace Out 2015!!!

2014 was the year I actually decided to take my blog seriously amongst other things, and post constantly. I hope to keep that flow of creativity and good vibes going in this 2015 year.
So here's to a year of trials and tribulations, trying new things, and spreading good vibes!!!
2015 I'm ready for you!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Vibes

Hope everyone's having and awesome Christmas. Been lounging around all day at home, time to hit the streets and do some house hoping!
So heres a quick OOTD for you guys. 

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Zara Trousers, similar here | Peplum tank, Urban Outfitters | Thrifted Faux fur collar | Striped Blazer(old), Body Central | Guess heels(old), similar here     

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What's in that box?

FINALY!!! I've been waiting for this package forever! 
I ordered some things from Asos during their black Friday sale, and I've been super anxious to receive them. Apparently I should have got my order from them over a week ago, but something happened blah blah blah. I have it now, finally! Thats all that matters. So lets get to the unboxing.

 So this is what I got: Boyfriend Jeans | Maxi Dress similar here | New Look Tote 

Love the look, feel, and quality of theses bad boys! But they don't fit what so ever. Well they do, but they don't. When I ordered them I made sure to order a size up because I wanted them to be really slouchy. I got them in a UK10, I normally wear a Size 4 US which is a 36 EUR, 8UK. They don't look bad in the picture, but they are squeezing the shit out of my booty and upper thighs. So for my curvy girls looking for some good quality boyfriend jeans, I totally recommend these just go up two sizes from your normal size.  
Now I'll return them in hopes that I get them back before I leave for school again! 
*Fingers crossed* 

Also ordered this basic Selected Femme grey maxi and gorgeous purple New Look tote. The maxi is perfect to throw on with some boots or tennis shoes and go. The tote is just my fav, mostly because its purple, and because its that perfect pop of color during this dull fall weather.  

I'll defiantly be ordering from Asos again in the future, especially since now I have a good idea of the way their clothes fit. Whats your favorite item or something you've gotten from Asos?
Hope everyones enjoying their holidays!