Saturday, March 2, 2013

Welcome to the Wild West!

 Flannel: Urban Outfitters (sale) $20
Jessica Simpson Vest: Macy's (sale) $10
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Body Central $10
Brazilian Earrings: gift

Sorry I've been away for so long, been super busy with school, work and dance. But all that matters is that I'm here right now giving you this post. Its nothing fancy just a quick post to show you what I wore to Western day at my job.
These are my favorite pair of shorts, why you ask? because I made them myself. They were inspired by a pair I saw on Lulu's that I fell in love with but obviously couldn't afford. So I made my own. The flannel is Urban Outfitters of course and the Jessica Simpson vest I got in a sale at Macy's. That's it for now hope you all enjoy this. I'll be posting again in a couple days or so. 

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