Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Printed Picture

 caught me slipping

 fooling around at the besties house
 Top: Image $9
Blazer: Body Central (employee discount) $10
Bottoms: NY & Co. (thrifted) $3 
Shoes: H&M (thrifted) $13
Necklace: Body Central (sale) $0.99
Purse: (thrifted) Buffalo Exchange

So I went to the ballet with my partner in crime on Saturday. I can't remember what the name of the ballet was and I can't find my ticket to tell you either. Sorry! The performance was awesome of course, (makes me wish I started dancing at an earlier age) but me and the bestie couldn't for the life of us figure out who was who according to the program until the end of the show. 
Found these lovely printed pants when I went thrifting with the sister last week, well actually the sister found them but she had me in mind when she did. I've been looking for pants with some kind of random print on them and was super excited when my sister brought them to me. I can't tell you what they say on them cause I suck at reading cursive but it must  have to do with summer and vacationing because that's what the images are of. They're New York and Co. so I'm pretty sure they retail for about $20-$30, I could be wrong because I've never actually gone in that store. But I got them for $3. YAY!!! 
Excuse the roughness of my hair, I'm growing the shaved side out so it looks a little crazy. 
That's it for now, have a great rest of the week! 

My fashionable partner in crime!
Shes going to be mad when she sees this, but its all good cause she's still cute!

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