Monday, March 11, 2013

Lazy African Print Kinda Day!


you know you feeling my moves!

 Top: Buffalo Exchange $12
Bottoms: jeans"leggings" Body Central (sale) $10
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange $18
Ring, Necklace & Belt: Forver21
Vampire ring: Betsy Johnson
Purse: thrifted $2.99
 Its Spring Break YAYYYYY!!! Started my spring break off right with a little dancing Saturday night, then nothing but laziness on sunday! That's how it's done! If you follow me on instagram you can see pictures from last night. But other than that today has been nothing but laziness. I was suppose to wake up early and go to yoga but that didn't happen. I did mange to throw myself out of bed and go to church then to the movies with my sister.
This is the outfit that came about from my laziness, African print top and some skinnies. I had to keep it super simple because I did not feel like moving my body.
Well that's it for now, this was just a super quick post. Hope everyone has a great spring break, don't drink to much and be safe! :-) 

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