Saturday, March 16, 2013

School Yard Kid

Jean vest: Buffalo Exchange $13
Crop top: A'gaci $5.50
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Tim's: Buffalo Exchange $24 
Sun Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Sorry for the picture overload but I was feelin' myself just a tad bit!!! lol
Yesterday ended great but started off sucky! I woke up super late for work and all my managers started calling me to see where I was. I was in bed, sleeping blah blah blah! Anyways enough about that now back to the good part of my day. I went to Dave & Busters with my lovely Urban Souls dance family and had a blast. We had dinner and played a million games. I found out how much of a beast I am at Fruit Ninja Whoop Whoop! It was a great bounding experience for us we should do that more often.

This is what I wore, I wanted to be comfortable but cool at the same time. I never get to wear my jean vest so I thought this would be the perfect outfit to pair it with. I found this skull belt in my room as I was organizing my clothes, can you believe I've had it since I was in middles school! I'm ready for the lovely warm weather of spring, not summer. Summer in Houston is madness, it gets so hot that you don't even want to wear clothes. Hope you all had a great spring break! 

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