Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wednesday Hotness

Top: thrifted 
Bottoms: Urban Outfitters (sale) $20
Wedges: Forever 21 (old)
Body chain: Ebay $4 (similar here)
Sunnie: UO $16

Its been so hot here in the H that wearing clothes has become a hassle. As soon as you step out the door you're covered in sweat, its madness I tell you MADNESS!!! But besides that its perfect time to go shopping! Went into my favorite store (UO) and picked up a couple off things as always. Found these awesome high wasited shorts tucked away on a rack hidden in the back by the dressing room. It was meant to be for me to find them. They fit my hippie personalty so well, its not even funny. 

 Sorry for the gigantic thighs you guys, I recently started training for NCP Bikini Competitions so you're going to be seeing a lot of changes in my body soon. I'm currently trying to lean out and tone up, but for some reason my thighs decided to do the opposite. I will for sure start doing work out routine post to give you guys some inspiration for your own get fit journey. Untill then hope you guys enjoy mine. As always hope you're having a great weekend and summer. 

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