Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summers almost over!


Overalls: Buffalo Exchange $15
Sandals: Buffalo Exchange $12
Bathing Suit: Same Old Chic

Summers over and school is back in full swing! Great! Not really! I took a semester off so I'm a little rusty when it comes to being a student. After working two jobs all summer I needed a little vacation so I packed up my stuff and went to the beach with my lovey friend Anasheh.
It was a super hot, humid, and sticky day so I made sure to wear something lose and comfy. I found these bad ass overalls at Buffalo Exchange for a not so bad price. The sandals were a steal on the other hand, for only $12. I've been looking for some similar sandals but platforms and black. I can't seem to find any anywhere at a reasonable price. So the search continues...
Hope everyone has a good school year, and passes all their classes!!!

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