Sunday, September 28, 2014

African Thangs


Beautiful Newly Weds 
The Groom and grooms men  

The bride entering with her brides maids 
My sisters in the choir 
Dress: Topshop $50
Cardigan: Forever 21 $18
Heels: Aldo Shoes $40
Necklace: Forever 21 $7.80

So last weekend I got to attend my very first wedding! Can you believe all 23 years I've been breathing I've never been to a wedding! I know crazy right! 
The Bride and Groom were beautiful in there tradition african attire. The wedding on the other hand was not so traditional. Instead of doing the same old thing where you stand in front of the priest and recite your vows, they walked, better yet danced down the the aisle with their brides maids and and grooms men. Then they played a little game where the bride had to search for her husband in the hall. Which you'd think would be a easy task, but there had to be over 200 people in that hall. That didn't stop her though she and her brides maids formed a line and made their way around every single table till she found her husband. It was a such a fun wedding and of course the food was great, you can't beat a free african meal! lol. 
For my outfit I wanted to wear something flowy and effortless, that didn't happen though! I searched high and low for a long dress with some kind of african print, or even something plain that I could have put some African print on. Came up empty handed, till I remembered that I  had this dress from Topshop I'd never worn. It was actually perfect for the occasion. Paired it with some nude heels from Aldo and my cardigan from Forever 21. 
The wedding was an awesome experience, hope everyones has a great week and great rest of the weekend! 

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