Tuesday, December 2, 2014

POP-up Shopping!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays, I know I did! It was a much needed break from the madness of school. Even though my university didn't get the whole week off for the break (we got 2 days off instead of 5), I made the most of it. I spent most of it at home on the couch watching T.V, chilling with my family, and avoiding the stack of homework that was awaiting me in my room.
On Thanksgiving day I pretty much spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking, and helping my mom prepare the feast we had for dinner. Ate myself into a coma, woke up and went for a post coma run. Met up with an old friend for drinks later on that night, got my usual drink cranberry and vodka. 
For black friday I did NOT leave my house!!! I love shopping and getting a good deal, but me and crazy people in big crowds don't mix! I did most of my shopping online in the peaceful comfort of my bedroom. I'll be posting what I got when I receive them in the mail. I'm so excited, I can't wait for you guys to see what I got! 
Sunday was the only day I went out and did some physical shopping. Me and my good friend Anasheh went to a pop up shop event that was happening that weekend. They had some pretty cool shops, a live band, and food trucks, all set up under a huge warehouse in downtown houston. I didn't do to much damage, just picked up a couple things here and there. I got a lot of delicious smelling soaps I can't wait to use, and a cute hand made necklace I'll be featuring in future post. 

Just a couple of pics form the Pop-Up shop
These Kitty undies were just so hilarious and so cute!

Check out BathCandy, if you want some yummy smelling soaps!

I love all this mans products, they're all natural and hand made by him and his family. 
Check out his Etsy: Black Kettle Soap Company  

This awesome little bulbasaur was made with a 3D printer! Pretty bad ass right?!

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