Sunday, February 3, 2013

Color me Bright Hippie

Shoe shopping with my mom is stressful, let me tell you!!! I love the women but she can never make up her mind to what shoes she wants!
I've been sitting here watching the super bowl, eating nachos, and editing pictures, what a fun day right? Ha ha not really. Did you guys watch the Super Bowl, and if you did what was your favorite part? I'm not even gonna lie, I watched just to see Beyonce's performance. It was real good at the beginning but lost it's luster towards the end. I still love her thought! And her outfit was FIERCE!!! If only I could wear that in real life to just run some errands, ha ha life would be just peachy.
Today felt like a colorful day for me, a lazy colorful day. I decided to wear theses big colorful palazzo like pants that I recently got from forever 21. They were pretty comfortable except for the fact that they kept giving me a wedgie. Other than that they were perfect. And like with everything else I wear I got a lot of stares in this outfit, but don't worry bitches didn't kill my vibe!

Shades: Urban Outfitters $9
Knitted top: Forever 21(old)
Black Corset tank: Wet Seal (old)
Necklace: Forever 21 $3.90
Palazzo pants: Forever 21 $10

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