Sunday, February 3, 2013

Semi Huge Haul!!!

Thrifted: $2.50
Thrifted: $7
Victoria Secret (green velvet) Thrifted: $3.50
Forever 21 sale: $5
Forever 21sale: $10
Thrifted $10
Thrifted: $3
Forever 21: sale $7
Thrifted: $4.50
Thrifted: $3
Thrifted: $2.50
Thrifted: 8:50

Thrifted: $2.50
Thrifted $2.50
Thrifted: $1.50

Thrifted: $17

Thrifted: $5
So as you can tell I do a lot of thrifting, a lot of it! I can't help it I'm a freaking shopaholic!!! I go thrifting at least twice a week, just to see if anything interesting has been put out on the floor. I spend a majority of the money I make working on shopping. I really need to start selling some of this stuff, cause some of it I surely have not worn. 
Anyways these are just couple of bits and bobs I've bought in the past month or so. No I'm not from London I just like saying bits and bobs!!! Ha ha

Hope all is well. 

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